Srinivasa Packers and Movers

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We offer more than you pay. We are the most reputed moving company with a damage free record of 13 years. We carryout all the relocation process in a most optimized manner and transport your belongings to final destination with complete safety. We are the best packers and movers in Vijayawada.

Zero trans-shipment

We do not transfer your belongings from one vechicle to other. Goods once loaded at your house or office will be unloaded only at the destination. The vechicle hired to transport your belongings is dedicated completely for your service.

Fast and Time saving

We save lots of time of our clients in relocation and complete it as soon as possible. Our expert workers collect possessions from entire house and pack within few hours. We shift all the goods to final destination safely. On reaching the destination, our expert workers unload and unpack all the possessions without wasting a point of time. So people can save their lots of time by hiring our company in relocation.

Safe and Reliable

The most important advantage from us is safe transaction of belongings. We have an excellent damage free record with our client for more than 13 years. Our expert team of workers load your belongings for transport with atmost care. We take all measures to ensure protection of your belongings from water, rain, heat etc. We have a team of skilled drivers who reach your belongings safely to your destination.

Low costs

Srinivasa Packers and Movers is the most economical company for all your relocation needs. We offer shifting with low prices than any other company in this field. Our prices are affordable by any class of individuals in the society.

Insurance and Claims

Insurance coverage is another important advantage of our company. We have an excellent damage free record with our client but in the event of unforeseen circumstances we provide complete insurance coverage for any unfortunate damage or loss during relocation. It is an additional service provided by us and people have to pay extra money for it. But a right insurance coverage makes shifting completely risk-free. It is advisable that always hire insurance coverage for long distance relocation.

These are the most common advantages of hiring our company. In conclusion, we are completely safe and reliable in relocation. We will really save more than your cost in terms of safety of belongings and time of clients. So if you are going to relocate, plan it with our reputed company for completely trouble-free and optimized shifting.